A dental hygienist is a member of the team at the dental surgery who has a special interest in “gums,” aiding patients to prevent Periodontal (gum) disease and maintain a healthy mouth.

If at your dental check-up it has been noted you have:
– Signs of gum disease,which may include bleeding gums,pocketing,loose teeth.
– A build up of calculus (hard deposits on the teeth more commonly referred to as tartar).
The dentist may recommend you have appointments with the dental hygienist.

At these appointments the dental hygienist will:
– Advise you how best to remove the plaque biofilm which causes gum disease by informing you about the best tooth brushing and interdental cleaning methods for your mouth, we are all unique so what suits one person may not be right for another person.
– Remove the calculus on the tooth including any below the gum in pockets around the tooth. Sometimes people find this uncomfortable, if this is the case the dental hygienist can use different techniques including numbing the sensitive areas to alleviate any discomfort.
– Monitor whether there is any change or progression of the gum disease.
– Remove stain from the tooth surface.
– Advise about diet (fizzy drinks,sugar),smoking and halitosis (bad breath).

There is increasing evidence periodontal disease is linked with other conditions including heart disease and diabetes so a healthy mouth can help maintain a healthy body.

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