Digital Dentistry

As technology progresses a whole new world of possibilities are made available for the advancement of medical and dental practices. This is most evident in amazing new capabilities within the dental field that have come to the forefront now that our relationship with technology is changing so quickly. Where some sectors have changed to only offer remote services, most treatments or even examinations cannot be done in this way. Digital dentistry doesn’t just include how you receive medical questionnaires online or sign forms using tablets but also the cutting edge technology of taking exceptionally accurate 3D scans and using Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM). This blog will look at a couple of ways on how Tavern Street is using digital dentistry to design perfect smiles.

Orthodontic treatment refers to the treatment of crooked, protruding or misaligned teeth and the correction of which normally requires the use of braces. With the innovative 3D scanners that are available at Tavern Street, 3D models of your teeth can be produced to manufacture clear aligners that can be sequentially worn to straighten teeth in as little as 6 months. Due to the digital nature of the 3D models they can be sent directly to a team of orthodontists who provide the necessary treatment plan that your dentist can carry out for you. The scans are a lot more accurate than traditional methods of impression taking as well as more comfortable and cause less mess and less waste for the environment. Overall, the reliability and precision of treatment is unparalleled which is why invisible braces are now offered in this way at Tavern Street,

Crowns are a traditional mode of treatment for teeth that may be heavily filled, broken-down or at risk of fracture. However, they are undergoing a revolution with the introduction of new materials and novel methods of manufacturing. The previous age of having teeth capped with metal crowns is steadily declining as more people choose a more aesthetically pleasing tooth coloured crown to place in their smiles. At Tavern Street due to the introduction of the latest CAD/CAM technology crowns can be made on the same day instead of waiting 2 weeks for a conventional lab-made crown. This will reduce the number of days off work you may need to take to undergo treatment as well as reduce complications from temporary crowns in between visits. Moreover, it uses the aforementioned 3D scanners so they are highly accurate and less invasive for those with sensitive gag reflexes.

In short, digital dentistry is being used successfully producing invisible braces and same-day white crowns but this is still just the beginning; there are many more applications for this technology that are currently being used right now which will be mentioned in a following blog. Tavern street is dedicated in bringing the best services to its patients to keep them smiling.

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